Where to Rent Tubes and Rafts and Kayaks

Outfitters for Floating and Rafting Trips

Where to Rent Tubes and Rent Rafts

Outfitting companies are available at the most popular tubing rivers in Texas. They will rent you tubes, provide access to the river, and get you back to your car.

Some shuttle you up the river and you float back to your car, some you get in at the outfitter and they shuttle you back at the end of the trip.

Outfitters can be expensive, especially on the Guadalupe. Many charge around $15-$20 for tubes. Parking may or may not be included. You'll also need a cooler tubes to hold the drinks, which will run slightly less than a normal tube.

The Outfitter Companies - 2016 Listing

If you are an outfitter, please contact us for inclusion in our 2016 Outfitter Listing.

Guadalupe River Outfitters

Frio River Outfitters

Comal River Outfitters

San Marcos River Outfitters

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Rafting trips or kayaking down the rivers can be great fun when there's white water. The rapids that vex tubers are all the more fun for rafts and kayaks. Check with an outfitter.