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Bring the Whole Family!

Tubing is a family sport. If you were lucky when you were young, your parents got together some friends and family and jumped in the river.

Yes, it's true that tubing can be a rowdy affair sometimes. Yes, there are often drunk college students on the river. However, if you're looking for a relaxing family trip with children, there is no reason that you can't make that happen!

The "rowdy" river of Texas is the Guadalupe. And of the Guadalupe, the areas just above Gruene are probably the rowdiest. This is likely because of the exhilarating "tube shoot" — a fast moving canal with light rapids.

For your 8 year old, they'd probably want to get out and do it over, and over, and over again. I know I have.

The new laws that the City of New Braunfels enacted are specifically aimed at taming the rowdy crowds. These apply to the river below Gruene, and the Comal River.

Here are our tips for families.

Tube on a weekday.

If you tube a weekday it will be far less crowded, and far more fun. And even if there is a rowdy crowd, you can slow down / speed up and they won't bother you.

Tube on the family-friendly sections of the major rivers.

Check out the Comal, the shortest river in the world. Also try the San Marcos!

Tube away from the outfitters.

If you really want to get away from people, you're going to have to bring your own tubes. You can still do tube DIY style by using the "two car method" and get away from the crowds that use the outfitters.

However, on the other hand, using the outfitters takes a lot of the stress of planning out of the equation! And there plenty of long floats where it is not crowded. It's up to you, and of course, ask your outfitter!

Packing for Families

This is pretty much the same, though you'll want to focus on plenty of snacks.

Bring swim goggles and the kids can jump in the water and swim around (keep your eye on them!)

Also water guns are fun. At least for whoever is doing the shooting!

Please contact us with any ideas or feedback!

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When the water gets faster, why not consider rafting the white water? Many outfitters also have rafts and kayaks. Some offer rafting trips.