Tubing Laws

Tubing Rules and Regulations

What Are The New Tubing Rules?

A float trip is a relaxing affair, but there are few rules that you'll need to abide by.

General Rules that Apply Everywhere

These rules are statewide, and for good reason.

* No Glass
* No Styrofoam
* No littering

Alcohol Rules

Alcohol is allowed on all the rivers of Texas. However, there are a few new rules that may effect bring alcohol.

Comal Specific Rules

* Inflatables must be less than 5 feet in width at the narrowest point
* Limit of two tubes per person
* Canoes and kayaks may not use the Last Tubers Exit on weekends and holidays
* No open alcoholic containers allowed in River Acres Park, Last Tubers Exit, Cypress Bend Park, Hinman Island Park, and Prince Solms Park. Look for signs.

Guadalupe Specific Rules Only in City of New Braunfels Limit

* When river flow is above 500cfs, children under 8 must wear a life jacket
* When the flow is above 750cfs, everyone must wear a life jacket
* When the flow is above 1000cfs, no tubing, only rafting

Comal and Guadalupe Rules 2009

These rules effect all of the Comal, and only the parts of the Guadalupe that are within New Braunfels city limits.

* No containers smaller than 5 ounces (no jello shots)
* No coolers larger than 16 quarts
* Coolers must have a locking mechanism on the lid (zipper, Velcro, latch, cord)
* No radios that may be heard from 50 feet or more
* No beer bongs (funnels)
* Noise devices may not be audible beyond 50 feet
* No jumping from bridges, dams, or trees

The cooler rule is a per-person rule. Therefore each person in your party could bring their own cooler if you wanted. A 16 quart cooler holds approximately 20 beers.

The container size rule is aimed at stopping people from bringing "jello shots" onto the river. Typically these are brought in small 1-2 ounce plastic containers with lids, typically seen at condiment bars, and have been a source of littering complaints.

Guadalupe Rules Outside of New Braunfels

When outside of the city limits, the only rules additional to the "rules for all rivers" (at top of page) are these:

* When the river flow is above 1200cfs, no tubing, only rafting
* No containers smaller than 5 ounces (no jello shots)
* Coolers of any size ARE permitted

What Parts of the Guadalupe Are Effected?

If you put in to the upper and exit before the town of Gruene, then you'll have tubed completely outside of the city limits, and none of the new rules apply.

Will I Get in Trouble for Violating These Rules?

Yes. There is enforcement.

Getting Around the Cooler Size Limit

If there's some circumstance where taking a second cooler with your party just won't work, then you might think about this idea for tubing.

Most all outfitters will provide a mesh sack to throw your trash in. You tie this to your cooler tube.

I've always put a stash of extra drinks in the trash sack, and then resupplied the cooler with them as needed. I do this so that even a huge tubing group can use one cooler.

To properly do this, you'll need to add water to your cooler. You want the cooler to be liquid, not holding packed ice. This lets the drinks sink, and get cold within minutes.

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