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Why Advertise on Tube Texas?

We have traffic. 3000 to 5000 visitors a day during the 2011 tubing season – that was over 100,000 times each month potential customers were reading a page on our site. Numbers will increase in 2012.

We are recommended. I’m excited to share with you that we were recommended by Texas Monthly magazine (April 2010, June 2009), Dallas Morning News (August 2009) the Texas A&M Battalion (August 2009), among others, as the source for tubing information in Texas!

We reach your target audience. With a billboard or general print ad, you may worry that the people who see your ad aren’t interested. Here, they are paying attention. Thousands of people per day come to our site looking for tubing info. We additionally get scores of email requesting lodging, camping, and eating information.

We know your business will benefit, and we know you’ll advertise again next year based on our quality and customer support.

Targeted Ads for a Low Price

Secure your tubing ads spot soon for 2012. We have limited spots for each business type: outfitters, lodging, entertainment, etc, so you will need to secure yours soon.

The price for a standard outfitter ad during the 2012 season is $1000. This secures your sponsored listing and ad space for the whole year for one cheap price – less than $100/month! These ads will run until May 1, 2013, and may be easily renewed at any time. We have many ad options available that you'll learn more about below.

What We Are Currently Giving Your Business

We currently give free listings in each section of our site. For example, view our Guadalupe information here: Guadalupe tubing.

We list:

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Web address

If we have any details wrong / you're not listed, please contact us and we will correct it!

What You’ll Get When You Upgrade to a Paid Advertisement

With your advertising sponsorship you’ll have much more visibility. You’ll continue to get all of the benefits above from having your website, address, and basic information listed, plus:

Your listing moved to the top section of the business listing pages, where you can include a promotional coupon or mention other promotions, list information about your store, etc. See this example of "moved to the top"

Upload pics of your business

Ability to upload a coupon for viewers to print and use

A link to a map to your business

An ad in the column of, which will appear on the home page, packing list page, lodging page, river page, etc to increase visibility of your business

How Much Visibility Are We Talking About?

Your upgraded membership listing in the business listing page: This will be seen at the top section of the listing page. Since it is larger, will have a photo and more information, this is very eye-catching. The photos are expandable, and can have multiples, so are a great way to highlight your place.

Your ad slot (in the column): This is similar in some ways to Google's ads. They provide a chance to reach customers on every page of the site. Link them to a coupon, use your logo instead of text; these little nuggets are meant to reach out.

Ad Rotation and Visibility

Space is limited; we don't want to over-load our readers with ads. As you probably know, when you see too many ads, you block them out.

Therefore, we are limiting ads on our site.

There will only be 10 ad spots maximum shown on the right sidebar at any time. As you can see from viewing pages on the site, the positions change. This is done completely randomly each time the page is viewed.

To give your company a fair shot at being in the "top positions" of these ads, the ads will rotate randomly on each page. Assuming 10 advertisers, and 100,000 pages per month, your ad will be in the top 3 an astounding 30,000 times per month.

But you'll find that it doesn't matter. Since our readers are actively looking for good information, they are reading the ads far more carefully than something like on Google. They are engaged and trying to find information about YOU.

Thank you for your time. I believe that we can provide you with a very important advertising outlet for years to come. Please contact us via email or phone at any time, and we’ll get your questions answered promptly.

Robert Jung
[email protected]

How to Secure Your Advertising

If you're ready to advertise, please see these pages:

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