Bring Your Own Tubes for a Tubing Trip or Rent

More Planning, Less Crowds

Are You Ready For a DIY Float Trip?

After you've floated the river a time or two, you may start to wonder if you should go again with an outfitter, or invest in your own tubes and do your own trip. Which is right for you?

Which Type of Trip is Right For Me?

Using an outfitter is easy. Show up and you're on the water. On the other hand, doing it yourself will involve more planning. You'll have to find legal access points and parking. You'll need to buy your inner tubes and then transport them. You'll need a way to get back to your cars. Are you ready?

Buying Tubes

New tubes are available at any tire store. You'll want 20 inch tubes or larger.

But you can get used tubes and save a bundle. Find an independent tire service station in the phone book, not the giant new tire dealers. Quite often they will have used tubes from large truck tires.

If you explain you'll be using it for floating some people report that they may not sell them to you for liability reasons. Feel it out.

Getting on the Water

Access can be tricky if you're not using an outfitter. In Texas, legal access points are where bridges cross a navigable river.

You'll need two cars for DIY tubing.

Take your tubes, coolers, and what not, and drop everything off at your access point. Two people will drive to the pickup point and leave one car there. Drive back to the access point, leave a car there, and jump in!

When you're done, you'll be at your truck. Two people will go and retrieve the other car, return, and pick everyone else up.

Now it's time for enchiladas, you master of tubing!

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Careful to stay in the river. The real estate around the rivers are usually privately owned, and respect home owner's privacy. Kayak, canoe, fishing boat, or tube ... help keep it clean and be a good neighbor.