Frio River Tubing Rafting and Kayaking

Floating the Frio River, Texas

We all know by now that Texas is hot. And when it's scorching outside, there's no better river than the Frio.

Cold. Beautiful. Big. Secluded. That's the Frio. Spanish for "cold", the Frio is a great tubing river for those that want to get away from the crowds. Where the Guadalupe is the party river, the Frio is the unadulterated gem of Texas.

Frio River Tubing

The Frio is 47 miles of secluded beauty. High limestone bluffs. Enormous cypress trees. Boulders. Clear water. Even more than the Guadalupe river, this is a river of vast changes.

"Optimum" flows vary from 100 to 1000 CFS. Check with an outfitter for day to day knowledge.

Frio River Toobing

This river is outside the traditional central Texas area.

Distance from major Texas cities:

  • Austin: 140 miles
  • San Antonio: 80 miles
  • Dallas: 350 miles
  • Houston: 310 miles.

Alcohol Note! The Frio is surrounded by many "dry" (aka they don't sell alcohol) counties. Make sure to bring your own from elsewhere.

Access Points for the Frio River

  • County Road crossing near Kent at 0.0 miles
  • US Highway 83 bridge at 10.0 miles
  • Bridge on FM 337 east of Leakey at 12.0 miles
  • Bridge off FM 1120 southeast of Leakey at 14.0 miles
  • FM 1120 crossing west of Rio Frio at 18.0 miles
  • Bridge off FM 1050 at 20.0 miles
  • Garner State Park on river left at 21.5 miles
  • Magers Crossing at 23.0 miles
  • Third River Road Crossing on County Road 348 at 26.5 miles
  • Second River Road Crossing at 28.5 miles
  • Neal's Lodge Campground on river right just above the Highway 127 crossing southeast of Concan at 31.0 miles.

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Water sports are a great way to relax on Texas rivers. But be courteous of land owners and the real estate around the water. Take your cans with you. Kayak, canoe, rafting, fishing boat, or tube ... help keep it clean.