Alcohol on the River and Floating Coolers

Floating Coolers for Toobing

Summer is hot, and the sun is strong. You'll need to bring plenty of ice and refreshments.

Is Alcohol Allowed on the River?

There are no rivers that ban alcohol.

I've Heard About Some New Rules?

There are new rules for floating inside the city limits of New Braunfels. This does not effect all rivers, or areas. Check out the rules here.

No Glass Containers

Most parks and rivers ban glass containers, so don't even consider it. And for good reason — broken glass is dangerous. Do not, ever, ever bring glass on or near Texas rivers. It's just not worth it.

No Styrofoam Coolers

Styrofoam is strictly outlawed on the Comal and Guadalupe, and may be on other rivers as well. Styrofoam may float, but it's not a floating cooler. Foam breaks too easily to withstand the jarring of the river. After the first set of rapids, your cooler will break apart, your beer will float away, and the river be littered with pieces of foam. Never, ever, bring styrofoam on the river.

Pack Water, Too!

You've got to take some water, even if you don't have room for it in the cooler. You should always be carrying a "potato sack" type mesh trash bag. If everything doesn't fit in the cooler, stow the extra water in the trash sack.

Tubing in the heat will dehydrate you, and beer will really dehydrate you. If you think you're a tough-guy, do what you want, but you should drink some water. If you don't you *will* feel it the next day.

Tubing really takes the energy out of you. It's amazing that just laying around drinking beer can be so taxing on the body, but it can be. The sun is brutal some days!

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Rafting trips or kayaking down the rivers can be great fun when there's white water. The rapids that vex tubers are all the more fun for rafts and kayaks. Check with an outfitter.