Dam Release Rates and Current River Flow Conditions

Current River Conditions in Texas

Dam Release Rates and Current Flow Rates

The speed of Texas rivers is controlled by many different factors, including recent rainfall, water releases from upriver dams, and flows from springs.

These factors can change, and different flows make for different kinds of trips. A high flow may be too fast for floating, but perfect for rafting trips.

Check the flow before you arrive, and call a local outfitter to confirm.

Guadalupe Flows

The Guadalupe fluctuates greatly. Get more info on Guadalupe river flow rates here.

Comal Flows

The Comal is spring fed and doesn't change nearly as much as other rivers. Unlike some spring-fed rivers, it is a perfect 70 degrees. Normal flow is around 250 cfs.

Get more info on Comal river flow rates here.

Frio Flows

The Frio is also spring fed, by icy cold springs. Get more info on Frio river flow rates here.

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Water sports are a great way to relax on Texas rivers. But be courteous of land owners and the real estate around the water. Take your cans with you. Kayak, canoe, rafting, fishing boat, or tube ... help keep it clean.