Rafting Trips and Float Trips

Whitewater Adventure or Lazy Rafting Trips

How to Find and Plan Your Rafting Trip

If you're looking for a great time, consider rafting. When the water's low, it's a relaxing trip that's a lot of fun. And when the waters begin to rise and the floater head for higher ground, it can be an adrenaline filled whitewater adventure!

How to Plan a Rafting Trip

To plan a trip you'll need a few things. Check out packing list section.

You can either use an outfitter for your trip, or do it yourself. Both are fine, but an outfitter removes a few of the logistical issues.

Getting on the Water

Access can be tricky if you're not using an outfitter. In Texas, legal access points are where bridges cross a navigable river, so keep that in mind if you're doing it yourself.

Using an outfitter will function much like a floating trip. They will rent you the necessary gear, and pick you up at the designated take out location.

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Tubing is one of the simplest of water sports. But you still need to be careful. Small rapids are fun, big rapids are not. Ask the outfitters about current conditions.