San Marcos River Tubing Businesses

San Marcos River Tubing Companies

Do it Yourself San Marcos Tubing Info

The upper San Marcos is easily tubed in the DIY style. Any of the parks offer access, and the best spot to exit is at Rio Vista falls.

Access points for San Marcos DIY Toobing or San Marcos Kayak Access

Most tubing trips will start at City Park, and end at the Rio Vista falls. Some adventurous folks go all the way to CR 299, though we don't recommend it unless you have knowledge of the water. Continuing downstream from CR 299 is dangerous and will take 12 hours. The next appropriate tubing on the San Marcos is from the CR 266 / CR 101 / Martindale access down to Sculls Crossing. All other access points are for reference only / kayaking.

  • Concrete walkway adjacent to the Lions Club tube rental facility in Old City Park at 0.0 miles
  • Rio Vista Dam at 1.0 mile (Stop here and walk or ride back)
  • County Road (CR) 299 at 2.0 miles (You MUST stop here, legally)
  • CR 266 / CR 101 at 5.5 miles
  • Sculls Crossing (off CR 103) at 9.2 miles
  • FM 1979 at 11.5 miles
  • FM 1977 (just above Staples Dam) at 16.5 miles - this is the usual end of trips for less experienced paddlers
  • Fentress (SH 20) low-water crossing at about 25.5 miles
  • Prairie Lea (CR 280) low-water crossing # 1 at about 28.5 miles
  • Prairie Lea (CR 116) low-water crossing # 2 at about 31.5 miles
  • Stairtown (CR 119) crossing at about 32.5 miles
  • US Highway 90 crossing at about 39.0 miles
  • Luling City Park on river left at about 45.0 miles

Tubing Times:
City Park to Rio Vista Dam: About 1 hour.
City Park to CR 299: About 2 hours. Do not continue past this point in a tube!
County Rd. 266 / CR 101 to Scull's Crossing: About five hours.

Access is adequate at most crossings, but the availability of public parking is very limited. Please be considerate of others when accessing the river, and always park your vehicles where they do not block river access for others. Never park on or enter private property without securing permission from landowners.


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