Frio River Flow Rate

Water Flow Rate on Frio River

Current Tubing Conditions and River Flow

The Frio river is known to fluctuate, and in hot, dry years can become too low to comfortably toob. It's also known for some of the best views and best toobing in all of Texas when the water is right!

You can check the Frio river flow rate at two different links below. Disregard the "gage height" and focus on the recorded Frio river discharge rate in cubic feet per second (CFS).

For up to date information on the Frio river level, check: (note "Discharge Level")

this one may be easier to read: (scroll down to "Frio River, Garner State Park")

That information will let you know the up to the minute water level. But they don't tell you if it's good toobing!

Some Frio flow general guidelines are:

25-150: Normal, good for tubing.

150-500: Fast, exciting tubing.

500-1000: Tube only if a good swimmer, life vests recommended. Use caution for children.

1000-3000: Possible debris in water. Call an outfitter for updated information and to determine safety.

3000+: Get out the kayak, helmets, etc; there's no way you're tubing.

Please consult our outfitters for information at any time, they are happy to help.

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